Big Changes: Stream Drawing Message for 2-8-16

IMG_0792This is a stream drawing I did this morning with the intention of creating and interpreting one that might hold meaning for others to start the week off in a reflective way.

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Remember all my interpretations are just one way to see into this section of the stream drawing! 

Are you feeling momentum that may not be comfortable? Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, or a breech birth (that is what I see above), it is the hardest moment before starting a new, wonderful era of life. There is a heart to the right, partially made up of a #2 (feminine energy and grace) and a #5 (mobility, change, conflict that brings change). A sense of a knowing or helpful presence (blue hook-like line above) pulling this person toward her destiny. A heart w/ heart ties (strong emotional connections) is behind her, in a past position. The new, large heart just ahead seems so full of love and expansion.

Change is usually not very comfortable, but all is well as we are protected, especially when we ask for protection. Changing with a sense of consciousness makes it way easier. Look forward to new love, new mobility (freedom to move and grow, get going where you want to go!).

Where Are You Driving Yourself?

In this intuitive stream drawing meditation this morning, I asked to draw (with my non-dominant hand, eyes closed) whatever would be serve me and others today as a general message. This is what I got:


The first thing that jumped out for me visually while gazing was what I felt looked like a person in the driver’s seat of the car (I have colored it in so you can see). The driver appears to wear headphones. The arm of the driver is shaped like a number 8 on it’s side, the infinity symbol which for me represents soul purpose.

The message for me here, and you may have your own (and certainly if you gazed at this same drawing you could see all kinds of other images) is that we do get to choose how to move through life. We may be subjected to all sorts of things in life fair and unfair, painful and wrong, yet nobody is the master of our thoughts–we get to own our thoughts. The earphones for me represented what we choose to listen to which is very powerful. What kinds of messages do we allow in? What kind of talk are we subjecting ourselves to from our own inner voice? And the soul purpose symbol which is the driver’s arm, suggests for me that it is our purpose in life to actively direct ourselves, our thoughts and our direction.

Where am I headed? Where am I driving myself? These are the questions I will ask myself today based on this stream drawing. I’d love to know your thoughts!

Cosmic Stare-down: Self Facing Self

Intuitive stream drawings are visual meditations that are done through the act of expression (making free-flowing marks) and then gazing at the marks made, with a sense of joy and playfulness. In a recent stream drawing, when I gazed after drawing, I saw this:

IMG_0460What this group of lines and shapes had to say to me, I indicated by drawing in features–I saw two people looking eye to eye, very intently. One (on the right) seems to be holding a quill pen and unrolled scroll. I filled that in to indicate that I saw it as a scroll. These faces (funny, cartoony) are in a meaningful dialog, it cannot be denied that something important is happening. The scroll and pen made me think of contracts, written records that are a testament to our choices in life. It made me ask myself, “What is it I wish to ‘contract’ for myself in the future? What am I agreeing to now and would a future aspect of me like what I am now doing? If I am honest with myself, I have to look at my life through knowing that I make my own choices as to how to respond to conditions. And I get to create a future based on my own truths.

Nobody wants to spend their time doing a job they loathe or enduring something they feel is not in sync with their personal truth. We all endure hard times now and then, but we still get to choose how we move through our difficulties. I’d ask myself if I am doing what I would be proud to read about in the future? If there really is a big book where everything is written, every thought, deed and action, would I like reading about my own life? Also, if a future self or spiritual self faced me and asked me to look at myself, would I say I am living the life I choose, or am I denying who I am and what I really want to do with my life? These are important questions because what we do now may set us up for how things unfold in the future.

There is a great mediation I’ve done before in where you picture your most glorious self–a self that has already lived this life out and is fully actualized, knows all the answers to your current questions and is stronger than you ever imagined yourself to be. It is a spiritual and future self, that is complete, beautiful and glowing with knowledge and compassion. You envision this spiritual self, and then see this spiritual self come to you right now and talk with you. It is a cosmic stare down, but a good one! No judgment or harshness, just compassion for who you are right now this moment. What would that conversation be life? Would that spiritual self tell you that you’re on the right track, or would she say, “You know you have not used all the gifts you possess and can share with the world.” Or maybe that spiritual self would remind you of the worthwhileness of you, and encourage you to be in your knowing and embrace yourself as you create a future you would love to live, a future you would love to read about. Or maybe this spiritual self would help you heal in you whatever hurts and has held you back from realizing your dreams.

If you try this meditation, let me know what happened, I’d love to hear about it!  For more about stream drawing, get my book MAKING MARKS: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing.

What Channel Are You On?



Energy Stream 1 Elaine Clayton copyright 2016

What we embody is what we send out to others, like a signal from the core out to the world. What frequency of emotion do you experience within yourself at this very moment? It is like a channel or stream of energy. Are you on the calm channel, or the anxious, sorrowful, elated or joyous channel? Imagine a strand of colorful light, like a long cord streaming from your solar plexus out into the area where you sit now, extending further out beyond your immediate environment. This cord of emotional energy (including thoughts that are practiced) will find a like-kind match for itself out there somewhere. This is the Law of Attraction. I’m curious about it, often pondering if it is certainly true or not? I think mostly it is, although I don’t always consciously know how or why I attracted specific things in the way of relationships or other encounters. It gives you something to think about!

Intuitive Stream Drawing Meditation 1-1-16

Here is my Intuitive Stream Drawing Meditation for 1-16-16.  Intuitive Stream Drawings have a lot to offer in the way of symbolism, reflection, meditation and exploration of emotions and thoughts, overall themes we encounter in life. Sometimes, I write a statement of intention at the top of the paper, such as “What is the best message for today”, and then stream draw happily (eyes closed, using non-dominant hand–to learn more about how to stream draw, go to MAKING MARKS: Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing /Simon and Schuster/Atria/Beyond Words 2014). After drawing, the next phase is to gaze at the drawing. In this stream drawing meditation I did for today, I explain a few things that I saw while gazing. I trusted what came and discovered and connected what I saw with what made sense to me.



Intuitive Stream Drawing Chakra Charts

IMG_0354Detail of a recent intuitive stream drawing for a client/ copyright Elaine Clayton 2016

Intuitive Stream Drawings are done with eyes closed, using non-dominant hand. The result is a free-flowing expression of form and line. Before I draw, I state aloud my intention to draw and interpret as according to the will of God and for all things good in honor of the client. After drawing, feeling that intention powerfully (it feels very, very peaceful and elating all at once), I begin to see into the drawing, the stage of stream drawing I refer to as the gaze. As I gaze, I make notes both visual and in writing about how I am seeing things. There is no limit to the way these drawings can be perceived, but I write down whatever is coming through in the most impressive way, leaving the door open to other interpretations, of course.

In each intuitive stream drawing, I take the free flowing form and put some structure to it in the way of left to right and turning the image, top to bottom. There are always 2 top to bottom images to consider and they represent the emotional centers of the body. There are all kinds of images that show up in various chakras, or emotional centers. In this image above, I saw a woman holding a baby, and perhaps a flower or a butterfly. These were located in the center of the drawing, from the heart chakra to the root chakra. The client was interested in this because of her feelings about the way in which she was mothered as a child, and in her attitudes as an adult around fertility as well as the emotional commitment involved in  raising a child. (Since these powerful images appeared in the heart to root chakra, the emotions were strong within her and were held in her heart, through to her major organs (solar), her sense of creativity and purpose (sacral) and how she felt in her basic needs and fears, etc. (primary).

Once we are conscious of what our emotions are saying to us through the way in which we hold those feelings within the body, we can consciously act on or choose to respond to the emotions. This is a great thing, because otherwise we may be carrying a lot of feeling with us that needs some awareness in order for us to have and do and feel the way we want to.

In Your Worth

IMG_7567 Moonbeam / Elaine Clayton copyright 2015

I started this blog about 8 years ago with the intention of sharing my art and writings, books and intuitive work in the context of a spiritual open sketchbook. I named it Illuminara because it felt majestic and came to me while playing around with words that felt illuminating. I also had, which was dedicated to my children’s books and art.

I’ve decided finally to merge with Here you can find all my work–both the children’s books I’ve written and illustrated, or illustrated for other authors, murals, portraits, and workshops for children–as well as the spiritual open sketchbook content of

Enjoy looking around and let me know if you have any questions.

The title of this piece, and the art I’m sharing here today is based on a most highly lucid dream I had where a horse called Moonbeam knelt before me and I was so astonished. His message was to emphatically show me my worth. I quickly knelt before him, recognizing in the dream that he was majestic, pure unconditional love. He then extended a hoof toward me, a gesture that brought me to tears. Our self worth and the absolute worth of each human, is undeniable. Be in your worth. You don’t have to do anything to be in your worth but to be you, to just BE.

Let There BE Light


Light Being Elaine Clayton copyright 2015

Those deeply mystical words, “Let there be light” in Genesis give us a big tip-off. Like God winking. To have that light (consciousness, illuminating intelligence of mind, heart and spirit) we get to let it in, to choose it or not. We allow the light to BE. To be within and all around us. Or not. In other words, if we want to, we can sit in the darkness and see how that feels. But the light is always there, ready to be focused on whatever it is we want to explore in order to have deeper awareness and self knowledge.

Let’s bask in the light and let’s see what happens.

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