What is Stream Drawing? Reclaiming Your Natural Creative Spirit

*A recent stream drawing meditation

Stream drawing is the act of drawing freely (with eyes closed and using non-dominant hand) to connect with the stream-of-consciousness flow. It is an act that was at one time in our lives not separate from our immediate practice as we spontaneously drew on walls or other surfaces without any inhibition. This practice generally gradually developed into drawing on paper with the intention of creating what we most loved or dreamed of, such as castles, unicorns, magical friends or anything else we had a desire to create or express. This way of drawing (which is actually a way of meditating, manifesting, creating) is such a powerful act of self-determination and creative will power, it is truly tragic that for most of us, it was lost completely as we matured into adulthood.

Reclaim your natural instinct to feel, express feeling and generate options out of those feelings. These options are possible choices, choices on how to live, what to experience and how to go about it. Without being in touch with our natural creative drive, how are we to make choices that resonate with our best judgement and desires? Often clients will say to me, “What should I do with my life?” And this is a sacred question, but one that can only be answered by an individual as he or she connects with that original, unique and powerful inner creative wellspring that guides and informs us to our truest purpose and fulfillment. Nobody else can do this for you/me or anyone else. Stream drawing is an immediate and deeply emotive way to begin to reconnect, playfully, with your purpose through your creative spirit and unique ability to make things happen.

*The stream drawing above was done as a way to start the day in a meditative but creatively active state. After closing my eyes and drawing with non-dominant hand (so as not to be inhibited by trying to control the marks made in ways that might stop the process) the next stage of engagement is “gazing”. This is a playful time of seeing with imagination, the lines and forms as they become all kinds of things. This act opens the empathic senses and creative flow. It is meant to inspire reflection and surprise, a sense of wonderment. It is with wonder that our best feelings and ideas are born.

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